Whole Body Composition - Body Mass Index Analysis

As a woman, stepping on the scale creates two emotions; fear or hope. But when the scale does not explain the sudden 5 pound weight gain even though you ran all week, or perhaps why your BMI is 20 when you’re best weight yet, it can leave you with confusion and low self-esteem.

Hologic understands this frustration and that is why they created a whole-body scan, called Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, or DXA for short, that gives a detailed snapshot of your body composition, including how your body weight fat, bone, and lean tissue are distributed throughout your body.

Although Body-mass index, calculated using height and weight, is a widely used formula to measure if you are overweight, it doesn’t tell the whole story of your body. Researchers of the North American Menopause Society discovered that 18.5% of women who were considered to have a normal BMI had significant excess fat, making them “skinny fat” while some women with overweight BMI’s had normal levels of body fat.

Once the process is complete, you receive a report with the mass of your bones, fat and lean tissue, including organs and muscle broken down individually. Your body-fat percentage is also listed and can be compared with reference values for Americans. Hologic’s Horizon DXA also estimates how much visceral fat you have, a measure that can help predict risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Not only is DXA scan extremely accurate it is also quick, painless, and most of all safe! DXA scans involve incremental amounts of ionized radiation which is 1 and 10 microsieverts, compared to a chest x-ray which ranges from 50 -150 microsieverts, or mammogram which is about 400.

Non Insurance/Patient Self Pay - $99

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