Breast Exam

Clinical Breast exams are an important part of early detection. A clinical breast exam is usually performed during your yearly annual exam. Your health care provider will perform a breast exam to check for any abnormalities in your breast health that may indicate signs of breast cancer.

During a clinical breast exam, your healthcare provider checks your breasts’ appearance. The skin covering your breasts is checked for any rash, dimpling, or other abnormal signs. Your nipples may be checked to see if fluid is expressed when lightly squeezed.

If a lump is discovered, your healthcare provider will note its size, shape, and texture and refer you for a diagnostic breast imaging study for further evaluation.

We encourage all adult women of all ages to perform breast self-exam monthly. We recommend that you perform the exam preferably just after your menstrual cycle has ended. If you are unaware on how conduct a self-breast check, please make sure to ask you physician at your appointment. They will teach you the necessary steps on how to conduct a breast self-exam.