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Electronic Forms

Streamline your arrival in the doctor’s office with pre-visit registration and check-in. Phreesia, in partnership with Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group is excited to offer you the ability to complete your intake process privately and conveniently prior to your appointment.

With Mobile check-in, you can pre-register before your visit or when you arrive for your appointment. You can also update your clinical and demographic information, take a photo to store in your patient record, capture images of your driver’s license and insurance card, sign forms and policies, and pay copays and outstanding balances—all from the privacy and ease of your own device.

A Pre-Visit email and text message will be sent out to specific appointments, providing you with a private way to give your doctor all the information he or she needs for your upcoming visit, and saving you time in the waiting room.

What should I be looking out for?
  • An email will come from with the subject: “Check-in online for your upcoming appointment” 48 hours prior to your appointment. A text message will come 24 hours prior to your appointment, only if the pre-visit was not completed via
  • The first line of the e-mail will show the name and phone number of your doctor’s
  • The email will also show the date, time and location of your
  • Next, you will see a blue box with an orange “Click here to start”
  • Once you click on the button options take you to your Pre-Visit questionnaire, all your responses will be entirely private and secure.
What can I expect once I start the Pre-Visit questionnaire?
  • You will see security questions confirming your date of birth, address and phone number. Once your phone number is confirmed, Phreesia will send you a code via voicemail or text that you must type in before
  • You will be asked the types of health-related questions you would normally see on a clipboard in a crowded waiting
  • Consent forms will be provided, which you can sign using your mouse or touch
  • If a balance or co-pay is owed for your visit, you may be able to make your payment in the comfort of your own home the day of your

Mammography Forms

In order to prepare for your mammogram visit, we encourage you to complete the medical release from and email or fax to: or 949.829.0965. Please select the following location of your prior mammogram below.

Additional Forms

Dear Patient,

Due to the high call volume, we are asking that only emergent issues contact our office. For all other inquires please use the Patient Portal as we will respond quicker. This is the fastest way for you to communicate with your provider.

Our number one priority is the health and safety of all the members of our community, there by adhering to CDC recommendations. In so doing, for the protection of patients and staff we are allowing ONLY PATIENTS to enter the office. NO visitors or children at this time.

Due the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, we are rescheduling patient’s routine appointments (i.e. Well Women Exam, Ultrasound, Mammography, Bone Density (DEXA)). Please do not call us, as we are inundated by phone calls, we will call you.

All OB patients we ask that you keep your appointment as scheduled, unless you feel ill. Our Triage Nurses are available by phone for your convenience.

In Good Health,
OCWMG Physicians